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Tipping fees

Our landfill is situated at 161 Kennedy Rd, Dairy Flat, Auckland
Hours of operation:
Mon - Fri 7.30am - 5pm, Sat 8am - 12pm
Sun and public holidays closed


Judith Sabich
021 580 444
(09) 414 5514

Material Type Code 4wlr 6wlr 8wlr Artic / 6w & 2AT 6w & 3AT / 8w & 2AT 6w & 4AT / 8w & 3AT
Class 1 - Clean and Dry C1 $70 $115 $160 $230 $290 $345
Class 2 - Damp or Unsuitable C2 $105 $180 $240 $360 $435 $490
Class 3 - Wet or Mixed C3 $160 $260 $360 $520 $650 $690
Class 4 - Wet/Other/Vegetation C4 $240 $400 $540 $800 $985 $1,000
Concrete or Hardfill - Clean Conc $70 $115 $160 $230 $290 $350
Rubbish Household Waste Forbidden
Clean Aggregate or Milings Free
Managed Fill Not Accepted

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All prices exclude GST and are subject to change without notice.
Tipping is by appointment only. Please email or call 021 580 444 to arrange your allotment.
All trucks must carry a tipping permit to tip at Earthquip Group Ltd tip site.
The Client must ensure that material meets Earthquip Group Ltd acceptance criteria.
Currently the Kennedy Rd site only accepts 6w 8w and Artic tipping only. Terms of Payment are strictly 7 Day Account by prior arrangement authorised in writing by EQGL management.
By Visa or MasterCard a 2.5% convenience fee applies.
By Prepaid Voucher available at EQGL Offices 668 Dairy Flat Highway Albany or
For full terms and conditions click here.

Material Classification
Earthquip Group Ltd classifies loads according to material type, compatibility and moisture content. Classification is at the sole discretion of Earthquip Group Ltd Staff and Earthquip Group Ltd has the right to re classify any material or reject any material for any reason whatsoever.

Class1: Dry & Clean
Topsoil or clay only, with a low moisture content (5% moisture content or less). No rubble, concrete, vegetation or rubbish.
Class2: Damp or Unstable
Damp material with a moisture content exceeding 5%, or material with small amounts of rubble or concrete.
Class3: Wet or Mixed
Wet material or material containing quantities or pieces of concrete, rubble and/or vegetation.
Class4: Other
This is the “Other” category. It may require mixing, sorting or other special treatment on site. It is either: Very Wet or Mixed material or Burnable material only, e.g. vegetation free of soil
Clean concrete. Must not include soil or other debris.