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Caterpillar is a registered trade mark of Caterpillar inc USA

It’s no mystery why so many construction teams trust the Caterpillar brand when it comes to earthmoving and site preparation equipment. The Cat equipment range consists of more than 300 machines, ranging from bulldozers to dump trucks to excavators and graders. The Cat brand is also known and respected on a global scale, with its iconic logo nearly synonymous with construction sites, logging operations, agricultural works and much more.

For all these reasons, buying Caterpillar equipment is typically a strong investment for companies that do a lot of earth moving work. However, just like any other equipment brand, Caterpillar is only as good as the teams that use it. If your team takes care of your equipment—servicing it regularly and trading out old, worn Caterpillar parts—it will last a long time. If your team doesn’t follow any maintenance schedule, then you will pay for that in the performance and longevity of your Cat equipment.

Earthquip: Your Source for Caterpillar Spare Parts

Luckily, at Earthquip, we make it easy for teams like yours to keep Caterpillar machines in tip-top shape. We carry thousands of Caterpillar parts spanning the company’s whole range of machinery.

No matter how big or small the part, you can probably find it on our website. We stock bearings, bolts, screws, oil pumps, piston pumps, vane pumps, mufflers, alternators, camshafts, filters, nozzles, hydraulic hoses, turbos, manifolds and much, much more. Whether you are looking for Caterpillar diesel engine parts or smaller components, Earthquip has you covered.

Best of all, when you choose Earthquip as your source for Caterpillar parts, you never have to worry about ending up with a cheap knock-off or generic aftermarket part. We only stock premium OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts. When you go to replace old, worn parts in your Caterpillar machine, you can rest easy knowing that you are trading them out for the same quality components—just newer.

Dealing with Broken Down Equipment? Earthquip’s Parts Warehouse Extends Beyond Caterpillar

Shopping at Earthquip is an easy way to find the Caterpillar engine parts and equipment components you need to keep your Cat machine up and running. However, if your equipment fleet includes machines from multiple brands, you might also need Cummins-, Isuzu -or Yammins parts.

Luckily, Earthquip is not brand exclusive. If you are looking for Caterpillar parts for sale, we have what you need. If your fleet of construction equipment includes an Isuzu bulldozer, we have parts for that too. Or if you have an excavator that’s using a Cummins engine, we have everything you need to maintain it. Our goal is to help you keep your equipment up and running at all times so that you can always maintain your project timelines.

Whether you are looking for Caterpillar diesel engine parts or repair parts for other construction vehicles and equipment, Earthquip can help. To learn more about us or to get help finding a specific Caterpillar spare part, give us a call on +64 9 414 5514.

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